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Business Management

Risk and Safety Management - Brief Overview

The paper outlines the definitions of risks, their pros & cons, and the possible strategies for risk management. It puts key emphasis on Kavaler and Spiegel's theory of risk management. Read More

Project Management Analysis

The BRA (Batey Relief Alliance) Project Management Analysis: A program initiated to accomplish the various health needs of the Batey community. Read More

International Business Case Study - Kodak

The report paper evaluates Kodak through the use of foreign direct investment and strategy such as SWOT analysis, Value Chain, Bowman clock, Porter generic, and Ansoff strategy. Read More

Personal, Professional and Career Development

The primary objective of this paper is to help us understand and develop personal and professional skills, career aspirations, and goals. Read More

The Unconventional Leadership Style of Indra Nooyi

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo Company, is known for her unconventional leadership style. She believed in "conscious capitalism" and launched her corporate mission "performance with purpose." Read More

Cross-Cultural Management Leadership

Cross-cultural Management Leadership- Paternalistic leadership approaches and participatory leadership of the Regal Advertising Agency management team is effective in the global expansion and increased productivity among employees Read More

Understanding Organisations -Apple Inc

This essay presents an analytical discussion of Apple’s organizational goals, structure, design, leadership function and culture with a view of demonstrating how they have allowed the company to remain a business leader in the highly competitive markets. Read More

PrOACT Approach - Decision Making

Organizations adopt different techniques to come up with the most effective and efficient decisions. This case study perfectly demonstrates various factors often looked into by the organizational managers during the decision-making process. Read More

Report on Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate responsibility is crucial for all organizations and this essay particularly deals with mining companies in South Africa and how they can improve and arrive at the desired corporate responsibility. Read More

Organisational Change - Reflective Analysis

Organisational Change: A reflective analysis of how pre-planned, cultural, or unexpected changes can stimulate productivity and result in sustainable growth in the organisation. Read More

Effective Leadership - Theories and Approaches

The essay explains different theories and approaches in understanding and practicing the effectiveness of leadership. Read More

Opportunity Analysis of a New Business Venture

This is a feasibility study related to the establishment of a cultural consultancy firm in Dubai, This firm will help reduce language barriers, cultural shock, and improve business negotiations. Read More

Reflective Essay : Importance of Communication and Presentation Skills

The author reflects on his role in the group presentations by identifying and critically evaluating the strategies to make the presentation a success. The Gibbs Reflective Cycle based on 6 steps forms the basis of this essay. Read More

Revamping Brand Reputation for Ryanair

Case study on Ryanair: Learn how reputation management strategies can be implemented to build a positive brand image and help recover from past reputational threats. Read More

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand and are the two basic concepts that every successful business enterprise must practice. This essay discusses the close link between these two concepts in a business environment. Read More

Information Systems Strategy - Electronic and Mobile Commerce

The essay explores the different aspects of e-commerce: Mobile commerce, electronic commerce, enterprise system, cloud computing, portal value chain analysis, and moodle. Read More

Project Quality Management Plan

Project Quality Management Plan - The main objective is to improve healthcare facilities for patients living with chronic diseases. Read More

Entrepreneurial Learning

The essay focuses on Entrepreneurial Learning and explains that entrepreneurship, simply not a concept but a process developed through knowledge and learning. Read More

IT Project Implementation and Management

Learn the basics about project management and the development of a project plan and how it is used by companies as a launching pad to venture into new markets. Read More

Concept of entrepreneurship - part 1

The essay focuses on Schumpeter description of an ‘entrepreneur as a deviant. It further focuses on how this view of an entrepreneur fits with current research centered on and around entrepreneurial activity. Read More

Concept of entrepreneurship - part 2

The areas covered in the essay are: the concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship; how Schumpeter evolved his theory on entrepreneurial behaviour; characteristics/traits a potential entrepreneur; and different theories of entrepreneurship. Read More

Personal and managerial effectiveness

The paper aim was to evaluate the business benefits associated with effective diversity management in Asda Stores Limited. Asda is one of the largest supermarkets in the United Kingdom that embraces workforce diversity Read More

The Capital Structure of Chinese Companies

The paper underlines the factors and sources of financing responsible for constituting and strengthening the capital structure of Chinese companies. Read More

Managing People

Managing people is an important element in every organization and the paper discusses how managers can promote diversity, motivate employees, and improve overall productivity in the organization. Read More


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