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How do we provide custom essays and meet all your academic standards

Academic writing is our skill. When students use our custom essay writing service they receive much more than just a brilliant essay. What students get is a unique content adhered to the format, with a good flow and structure, used the perfect writing style and delivered within the deadline.

Sometimes students need to write essays to get admission into colleges or universities and their competence and creativity is put to the test. They evaluate how students are able to express their ideas in a lucid and concise manner. It is not so easy to write a complete paper that expresses the idea in a concise manner, and yet holds the attention of the readers and leads them to agree and appreciate the main theme of the essay.

All our essay writers are well qualified with a high degree of education from reputed universities from around the world. A subject matter expert writer writes all the custom essays. They are free of plagiarism and the information provided is authentic. Before the student receives the essays, they are completely checked for plagiarism using dependable plagiarism detection software.

An impactful introduction, logical and comprehensive body paragraphs, and an impeccably summarised conclusion are perhaps what constitute a top class essay. However, this is not so easy for everyone. There is much more that goes into an essay to qualify for a perfect one such as a thesis statement, logical structure, flow, citations, and bibliography that will ensure all the significant elements are in the essay.

Essay writing is one among the mandatory tasks that students need to deal with during the study period. Students are always evaluated and judged based on the essays they write and deliver. Mostly, their general knowledge, writing skills and cognitive skills are evaluated. This is not a cakewalk for most students. Students may not possess the required writing skills and good vocabulary to construct an ‘A’ grade essay. At our essay writing service, all the custom essays are written by experts and delivered ahead of the deadline, so that you do not need to alter any part of your hectic schedule.

There are many reasons why students decide to take assistance from professional writers and prefer to buy custom essays online, the most common reasons are the following:

Constructing an impactful thesis statement

The thesis statement is the pillar and support of every paper or essay, as it constitutes the main theme or message of the essay. The thesis statement should be brief, yet clear and phrased well. For most students, constructing a powerful thesis statement is not easy and they choose to buy custom essays so that their essays are valued and graded well.

Inadequate resources for research

An important reason why students prefer to order custom essays online without pinching their pocket is that resources for research online is inadequate. To construct a properly researched paper, it demands going through various kinds of research material such as statistics, reports, research papers, and journal articles. It is also very difficult to get all these material online without subscribing to them with a fee.

Researching is a skill. Many students do not know the manner to conduct research and are not in a position to collect information and evidence to support the topic .When students buy custom essays online, they get the advantage of submitting a well-researched paper with background information from a scholarly source. Essay writing services always have access to many first-class journals and libraries and that makes it possible to have an information rich piece of writing.

Academic writing skill is different from content writing

A lot many students equate content writing and academic writing to be the same. Although both involve writing, there is a big difference in terms of usage of words, structure of sentence, format, style, and tone. While content writing is less formal and does not follow a strict structure, academic writing follows a set of rules with regard to grammar and formatting.

The tutors in universities and colleges evaluate an assignment or paper not just on how the ideas are presented but also on the rules of academic writing followed by students. If a student has presented a unique idea supported with examples, yet if the essay does not conform to the format or is not adequately referenced, it may not clear the plagiarism test. Students can also fail the paper and may face more serious charges such as an expulsion for committing an offense.

It makes better sense to seek the assistance of professionals in the field, such as essay writing services and order a custom essay online or hire a proof reader to edit and check the paper thoroughly.

Paucity of time

It is common knowledge that writing a custom essay demands complete focus and places huge demands on time and attention. Completing an essay is a mix of many days of focused work, devotion, research and dedication. Students are unable to manage time and this is perhaps one of the biggest challenges they face. Further, students’ life is already packed with classes, workshops, extracurricular activities, assessments, examinations and social commitments. Moreover, the submission deadlines for assignments, essays and papers are deliberately short and students find it impossible to deliver on time in the midst of non-academic and academic activities. This is where buying custom research papers online from essay writing services saves the day, eases their tension and enables good grades in the subject.

Under confident about quality of essay

When students approach us for custom essay writing services online, they do so to ensure that the paper delivered will qualify all quality checks. Essay writing services perform all the necessary checks, proof reading and editing to spot errors with respect to grammar, flow, semantics, formatting as well as uniqueness of content. The team in the essay writing services have the experience to completely make the essay ready in all respects to suit the requirements of the University or college. This ensures students a good grade in their assignments and helps them secure a good grade overall in their academic pursuits. Students can enjoy the journey with more confidence of a bright future, leaving no stone unturned to improve their performance in their study program.


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Quality and well-researched content is the key to our success. Our teams of writers are experts in their subjects and are very diligent. All work ordered from us, is created from scratch and researched thoroughly. Our writers use only high quality material, such as that from journals, research papers, and text-books for their research. They have access to diverse kinds of research material from reliable sources. All the work is meticulously referenced, and cited with proper references. Both in-text citations as well as list of references are provided. Our writers also proofread and format the document in the way you want or in any of the standard formats.

We do have a telephone and Skype call facility, if customers want to talk to us directly. They can make it even easier for themselves, by using a custom made form where they can fill in all the details. In addition, our services use payment methods that are both safe and secure. Clients can confidently make their payments through these portals without fear of it getting into wrong hands.

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