Law Samples


Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a widely used illegal drug. There is an ongoing debate whether marijuana should be legalized or not, due to the therapeutic properties of Marijuana. Read More

Agency Relationship - James Vs. Miller

The following case study discusses the agency relationship and dispute settlement between James, an independent contractor, and his employer, the Millers. Read More

Negligence Claim for Personal Injury

The following is a lawsuit for a negligence claim involving a personal injury. It is a civil case where the person committing the action will be legally accountable. Read More

Concept of Unconscionability in Claims involving Proprietary Interest

The author explains in detail the concept of unconscionability in claims involving proprietary interest. Read More

Stranger's Liability

The purpose of the essay is to use relevant case law and academic commentary to discuss four requirements, which are the existent of a trust, a breach of trust, assistance in the breach of trust, and dishonesty. Read More

Law of Contract - Freedom of Contract

The essay discusses the evolution and limitations of the 'freedom of contract' and its effectiveness and applications in the Law of Contract. Read More