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Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a widely used illegal drug. There is an ongoing debate whether marijuana should be legalized or not, due to the therapeutic properties of Marijuana. Read More

Agency Relationship - James Vs. Miller

The following case study discusses the agency relationship and dispute settlement between James, an independent contractor, and his employer, the Millers. Read More

Negligence Claim for Personal Injury

The following is a lawsuit for a negligence claim involving a personal injury. It is a civil case where the person committing the action will be legally accountable. Read More

Concept of Unconscionability in Claims involving Proprietary Interest

The author explains in detail the concept of unconscionability in claims involving proprietary interest. Read More

Stranger's Liability

The purpose of the essay is to use relevant case law and academic commentary to discuss four requirements, which are the existent of a trust, a breach of trust, assistance in the breach of trust, and dishonesty. Read More

Law of Contract - Freedom of Contract

The essay discusses the evolution and limitations of the 'freedom of contract' and its effectiveness and applications in the Law of Contract. Read More

LAW1122 Land Law

Get an overview of the development of different legal and equitable rights on Land Law. Read More


This paper is about the pattern of legal dispensation in two cases - one pertaining to 'Sale of interest in NHS practice' and another 'Purchase of timeshare' , and how the issues are resolved. Read More

Increased Punitiveness of the Criminal Justice System 1

The Criminal Justice System in the UK has embraced increased punitiveness not just as a result of an increase in the crime rates but also for other social and political factors. Read More

Legal Method Case Comment

Case comment on Britain's exit from the European Union. Learn more about the facts, legal, and critical issues raised in the case. Read More

Public Law

The paper elaborates on the role of Public Law in governing the relationships between the Government and the citizens of the United Kingdom. Read More

Use of pre-appointment interviews in the appointment of arbitrators

These pre-appointment interviews of the prospective arbitrators have become a contentious issue and much debated in the corporate Law circles.This paper evaluates the pros and cons of such pre-appointment interviews. Read More

Legal protection has not prevented women and girls from getting discriminated

The paper discusses the loopholes in the law in protecting women and girls against discrimination. Read More

Elements of Business Law

The paper discusses the various avenues of Business Law and case studies. Read More

Legal protection has not prevented women and girls from being discriminated against

The essay addresses the existence of the inefficiency of legal gaps in protecting women and girls against discrimination. Read More

Discrimination Against Women and Girls

The paper discusses how poor implementation of the current laws has failed to protect women and girls against gender discrimination. Read More

Private Companies in the Era of Companies Act 2006

The article highlights the role of the Companies Act 2006 in corporate governance and how it changed the business environment in private companies. Read More

Reflective Log

A reflective log with reference to Gibb Read More

Freedom of Contract

The paper explores the limitations and extent of "freedom of contract" between two parties under contract law. Read More

Serious Case Review: Impact of personal, professional and social issues on collaborative working

The essay discusses the serious case issue based on the tragic death of Daniel Pelka and highlights the importance of collaborative practice and effective communication to save children from domestic abuse. Read More

Contract Law

A case study on honoring promises between the parties under the Contract Law. Read More

Diversity and Independence: Legitimacy of Courts

The paper discusses the role of "Diversity and Independence" which are merely tools and means to an end i.e., "legitimacy" of the courts. Read More

Commercial Law and Law of Sale and Consumer Protection

The following is a case study between a consumer named Eva and CDS Ltd regarding the ownership of goods. Read More

Trust and Equity Law

A case study on the modern application of Secret Trusts as a judicial instrument. Read More

Punishment is the Last and Least Effective Instrument for the Prevention of Crime

Though deterrence and incapacitation are two forms of punishment, there should be more focus on reforming the offenders to reduce future crimes. Read More

Company Law Easy Question

Company law question and answer on corporate governance. Read More

The Psychoactive Substance Act 2016

The paper explores the Parliament's changes to the original clause of (section) 50(1) of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. Read More

Alteration of a Company

The paper discusses whether the law related to the alteration of the Company's Articles of Association will benefit the investors and protect their needs. Read More

Public Law - Breach of Confidence

A case study underlying the legal issues related to the kind of stories and pictures that can be published or would constitute a "breach of confidence" under the "law of tort". Read More

Law Reform: Criminal Law

The paper explores the various areas of UK criminal law that the Law Reform Commission should consider reforming. Read More

Decriminalisation of Abortion

The essay argues in favor of reforming the archaic legalization of the abortion law in the UK. Read More

Commercial Law

The paper discusses the different aspects and stages of the "Sale of Goods" contract. Read More

Duty of Care in Supply Chains

The paper discusses the circumstances under which a company may extend its duty of care in the supply chain if the harm occurs out of the jurisdiction. Read More

Public Law - Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA)

The paper entails the rights and privileges of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) Read More


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