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Writing essays is one of the most arduous tasks as a student. Many students look at every essay that they have to write with a smidgen of dread. It is certainly not as direct or simple as solving a math equation. Yet, we make this monumental task easy because we have the right systems and method in place. We do all the brainstorming, researching, getting the outline, draft and editing as well as putting the referencing in place to give you the best essay possible .

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Complete grasp of the essay topic

We know it is a definitive waste of time and effort if the essay is not relevant to the topic or the question put forth by the tutor. Clarity about the topic and an outline about what should go into the essay, is the first step we take to deliver 100% relevant content. Clearly, you may have the best essay at hand. However, if does not address the main theme, the purpose is defeated. Our writers therefore demonstrate a high level of engagement with writing the essay. They do not want to spend their productive hours writing an essay that is not line with the topic. We ensure our writers do not complete the essay without understanding it. We believe that if we get it right the first time, we do not expend person-hours on work that has not served the purpose.

Research with precision and time limit

Our writing team do have subject expertise. Notwithstanding, they know the power of in-depth research on a topic. Research with precision and efficiency is an art; sometimes we can spend hours researching and get overwhelmed with the amount of information. Our writers are trained to set a time limit and use efficient methods to research on the topic. They are quick to spot the sources, make the notes, and start writing.

Trained in outlining technique

There is a technique in everything we do. An outline actually imitates the process of writing. We start by making a list of the sub titles we want to write about. We do more research if necessary to support the sub topics with more relevant content. Our writers do not start writing from a blank page and allow more room for discovery. They have a plan about how to go about it. The outlining technique enables a structure and so our writers do not ever complain of ‘empty canvas’ feeling.

Once they have the perfect understanding of the topic, and have done the research, and the outline is ready, all they need to do is sit down and write.

Importance of a Standard Structure

Why do we have an edge with inexpensive yet high quality essay writing? Each paper our writers write is not written with an objective of just fulfilling the requirements of an assignment or to create an impression with the tutor. Further, our writers do not get confused with many structures; although they know that following a standard structure helps. Since our writers know the structure preferred by schools, colleges and universities, they do it right the first time. Essentially, our writers know that information is as important as structure, but do not allow structures to take the attention away from the reader. Alternatively, they know the specifics from universities. Therefore, if they need to follow a template, they just do it effortlessly.

Quality always takes precedence over Quantity

We do not believe that writing more fetches better grades vis a vis over writing fewer words/pages but quality essays. University professors’ will always prefer to read a 3 page well written essay over a mediocre 5 page one. Essentially, the writer needs to take that impactful decision based on the topic, about how much to write. This judgement is perhaps what sets us apart and we can give students exactly what is needed for a good score in their essays. Writing more than one needs to is not at all productive and our writers know it best to stick to guidelines and word count.

Power of drafting and editing as independent tasks

Our writers do not ever mix these two tasks. This is the most efficient way to deliver a stellar essay. We give complete focus to writing first and then editing. What happens if you mix the two tasks, it could jeopardise the entire writing process. Editing is like applying brakes to the flow of writing.

Further, most writers do the job in privacy. But editing is a task which is better performed not just by the writer but other editors that can spot errors which may evade the writer’s scrutiny. We have several levels of peer edit, and editing performed by senior editors before delivering the essay.


While this may appear like rocket science to many, this is one of the basics that our writers have mastered. You name the style and our writers know it. They do not rely on digital sources or tools, because that is a pitfall our writers never attempt. Practice makes perfect, and the essays we deliver are always referenced right.

Ultimately, we do agree that writing an essay is definitely a lot of work. However, our writers approach this task scientifically and are trained to deliver papers that go through university and college standards without a glitch. Our writers can process the essays quickly without it affecting quality. We speed up the writing process and are in a position to offer our services to more number of students. The productivity of our writers is high and we are able to offer a comfortable pricing to our customers.


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