The master’s degree in education or the Master of Education includes a range of specializations that can suit the career and individual goals of students of education. This course is pertinent to teachers, educational administrators, managers of educational institutions and education policy makers. The program in Master of Education includes a core research methodology unit that would introduce the student to the chief social and educational research methods. Other than this, there is a selection of elective subjects available for making suitable choices. A professional project work or a minor thesis in any area of the student’s interest is also mandatory. In one academic year, the student must study four modules and complete a 20,000 word dissertation.

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The different modules available for selection include:

Aggression studies

In which the student teachers study the psychology of aggressive behavior, the stages in the development of the child and adolescent, measures that can be adopted for preventing and countering aggression, bullying, harassment and violence so that they would become skilled in practically implementing such means within their own schools or educational institutions.

Co-operative learning

The different types of co-operative learning such as formal cooperative learning, informal cooperative learning and group-based cooperative learning are explored and their various merits and demerits are discussed. Management of cooperative learning techniques is also studied.

Drama in education

Explores the methods to be followed for dramatizing the lessons in the classroom, including such basics as the proper enunciation, breathing, and other proper communication methods.

Educational guidance and counselling

This course examines the principles and theories in the fundamental psycho/educational and career development areas that impact on Guidance of the student. The module requires extensive reading, independent study along with some group work and also the interpretations of values exercises and active involvement in the class.

Foundation studies

Deals with a number of subjects that explain educational theory and practice. In addition, the students also gain the knowledge and capacity to carry out empirical and/or non-empirical forms of research in their chosen domain. This course contains a range of units that reveal the current research and teaching interests.

Leadership and management in education

This module deals with the power, authority and decision-making; leadership and organization Management and change as well as Resource management.

Positive behavior management

This module includes units such as an introduction to cultural, social and psychological perspectives on learning and behavior; the role of behavior management strategies and their supporting principles; as well as a unit of teaching and learning and how they add to a positive classroom environment.


There are also modules such as Science Education, Special Educational Needs, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Early childhood education, and Educational Technologies that can be selected by teacher students of those specializations.

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