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Social Policies of Addiction: Book Review

Review of the book: Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers by Dr. Thomas Szasz, evaluating the social process involved in identifying deviant elements in society, and in Read More

Housing Professionalism

The true mark of a real professional is the ability to serve others selflessly and also possess special knowledge and skills. Read More

The Glastonbury Festival - Brief Overview

The essay evaluates the monetary, social, and environmental impacts of the Glastonbury Festival on the local community and how it has induced the local tourism and event management industry. Read More

Impact of Education on Poverty Reduction

The research study promotes the need for education in the eradication of poverty and to establish social and economic equality in society. Read More

Scholarly Sources and Bibliography Analysis - Education Impact on Poverty

The bibliography analysis identifies documents, data, research findings, and sources that support the original article interpreting the significance of education in reducing poverty. Read More

Marxism Sociological Perspective

The paper reviews Karl Marx's perspective of society and explains the stratification of the social class based on authority and domination. Read More

Analysis of Different Radical Conflicts

This paper focuses on different types of intergroup conflicts that have occurred in different societies across the world. In particular, the paper seeks to examine such conflicts as women resistance, the industrial revolution, and the food riots. Read More

Sex and Gender

Inequalities in the context of sex and gender lead to the allocation of different roles to individuals. Different theories in sociology try to explain these inequalities. Read More

Breaking the Rules

In this paper, the author discusses a situation where he broke the rules and discusses the reactions of people after he broke the rules. Read More

Ethics in Education Research

A researcher is expected to observe ethical issues to realize the research objectives. This paper is a discussion on the importance of following ethics during research especially with respect to risks, confidentiality, and consent among underage participants. Read More

Socialism and Capitalism

Socialism and capitalism are systems that have been used in many societies across the world and have both been successful and failed at different times. Read More

Comparing Respective Contributions of Mark Durkheim and Weber on Understanding Society

This essay will try to collect facts for the purpose of drawing the conclusion, whether Weber, Max and Durkheim were different or same because it Read More

Recommendation Report - Narrowing the Gender Gap in India

The paper discusses the prevalence of the gender gap in workplaces in India and measures to be taken to narrow down the gap and reduce gender discrimination. Read More

The Future of High Street

The High Street is one of the main commercial streets in the UK that has encountered a global economic downturn. In this report, learn about successful cases and viable solutions for the recovery of the High Street. Read More

Housing Inequalities

This paper compares and contrasts the ways in which housing inequalities are discussed from the perspectives of social policy and criminology and economics. Read More

Health and Social Care

The paper discusses strategic approaches to safeguard children from harmful online content. Read More


The paper evaluates the key achievements in the US Women's rights movement and how it successfully evolved as a transnational movement. Read More

Moral Burden

A discussion on how society exerts a moral burden on sportspeople to become good role models. Read More

Vienna and Berlin: Society, History and Culture

The article explores the effects of modernity on different social groups of Vienna and Berlin from 1890 to the present day. Read More


The paper discusses the importance of the influence of family and peers in the development of a child. Read More

Research Project with Methods and Sampling Strategies

The paper studies the different sampling and data collection methods and ethical factors to consider for collecting data on homelessness in the local town in the UK. Read More


The paper discusses the challenges of overpopulation and the countermeasures taken by the government. Read More

Creative Thinking

The paper analyses children's critical thinking framework. Read More


The paper studies cross-cultural academic adaptation between the students of Middle East and far Eastern students in UK universities. Read More

A Pedagogy of Online Second Language Teaching

The essay discusses the best practices and frameworks for online teaching of a second language. Read More


A critical analysis on bilingualism. Read More

Social Diversity and Unemployment Inequality

The essay is based on the argument and discussion of the absence of some institutions that influence inequality among ethnic minority/migrant workers in many countries. Read More

To What Extent Was The 1920's

The paper explores the social, economic, and political changes that characterized the economic prosperity and cultural development in America during the 1920s. Read More

To what extent is an organization/movement

A critical analysis of the role of leaders in the success and failure of social movements. Read More

Child labor /inequality. childhood in global perspective

This paper explores the impact of globalizing world politics on child poverty, examining how national and international factors shape childhood experiences. It also discusses the representation of child welfare by organizations like UNICEF and highlights the disparities in childhood experiences across different regions. Read More


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