History Samples


Northern African 2011 Revolutions

In 2011, revolutionary uprisings triggered in North Africa known as the "Arab Spring" brought about some notable changes in the government and political scenario of the nation. Read More

Consequences of Oral History in an Attempt to Reconstruct Soviet Experience

The essay discusses the challenges faced during the reconstruction of Soviet Union history and the advantages from the investigation of Russian history through oral history. Read More

Funerary Monuments in the Roman Empire

This essay describes the use of art in funeral occasions, the usage of funerary monuments, and their significance to the Romans. Read More

Civil Wars in Africa

This essay aims to discuss the underlying factors of the Civil War and whether they were caused by grievances. Read More

Curse tablets

The paper explores the history of curse tablets in ancient Rome and Greece. Read More


The essay aims to explore whether the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate is still relevant in modern times. Read More


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