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Political Science

Liberal Democracy

Democratic governments such as Australia, Canada, United States, and the Western European countries have expanded their political system to include individual liberties. This essay is a debate about the best way to organize the government. Read More

Project Proposal :Women's Experiences in Tunisian Politics

This is a research project proposal for a study that will assess the experiences of women in Tunisian politics with a detailed research process that will involve data collection, analysis, and presentation. Read More

Case Study Analysis : World Trade Organisation

This paper entails a review of the role of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in facilitating the development of global trade. Read More

Western Intervention in Libya

The paper explores the role of western intervention in killing Muammar Gaddafi and how it failed to achieve social and political changes in Libya. Read More


A short business report based on the impact of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT). Read More

Qualitative Methods in Political Sciences

The project is based on a research study that explores the reasons behind the decreased uptake of pensions among young people and ways to improve the numbers. Read More

Prerogative Powers are Undemocratic

The essay explores the undemocratic nature of "Prerogative Powers" which are authoritative and executive in nature and do not follow the idea of constitutionalism. Read More


The essay explores Marxism and argues that political reforms cannot eliminate class antagonisms. Read More

The Concept of National Interest

The paper debates whether the ideation of national interest is significant in international politics or not. Read More


The ministers of the Parliament have the power to execute the prerogative powers but in certain cases, prior approval from the Parliament is needed. Read More

European Union: A Democratic Deficit?

The paper studies the democratic attributes of the European Union. Read More

Separation of Powers in the UK Constitution

The paper analyses Bagehot's theory of the "separation of powers" with regard to the British Constitution. Read More


The paper discusses the different perspectives of power and its economic theories. Read More


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