Human Resource Management Samples

Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

This paper presents a discussion of the issues that are related to the implementation of the standardization and localization strategies by multinational enterprises with a goal of demonstrating how the two strategies manifest themselves in human resource management practices among international companies. Read More

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and professional training and development for employees is vital for any organization to grow. In this respect, the author analyses his personal and professional development as a management trainee at Global-Pacific and future growth. Read More

Organizations in a Global Environment

This essay is about the strategies organizations can employ to ensure high-performance levels. In this regard, the two most important elements of organizations in a global environment are individuals within the organization and motivation. Read More

Human Resource Management at Cisco

A study of the role of human resource management in organizations, explained in detail using a case study. In this essay, the focus is to study how Cisco applies the expertise across its several departments and teams to ensure growth and development. Read More

Skills and Qualities Mentors Need to be Effective in their Role

Mentoring is a noble and challenging role that requires high competence and professionalism. The paper provides a critical discussion that explores the skills and qualities, which mentors need to be successful in their roles. Read More

What makes a good leader ?

The many definitions of leadership enable us to explore in-depth what really makes a good leader. The focus of this essay is to try and answer this question from a health sector context. Read More