Computer science

The foundation of the course in Computer Science would include study of areas in mathematics, logic, programming, microprocessors, telecommunications, information management, electronics and the role of computers in society. As the subject is vast there will be opportunity to select modules that pertain to the particular interests and goals of the student.

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Object-oriented program design

This subject explores the method of designing a piece of software or a computer program that is exactly suited for solving a given problem or need. The Object-Oriented Program Design would also need to be specific, understandable, capable of being adapted to changing circumstances, and should also be capable of being recycled either wholly or in part. For this, the student has to have a complete understanding of the problem as well as of the methods to solve it.
The subjects of study in this course in Computer Science would normally include: Object-Oriented Program Design; Program Implementation; Program Analysis; Standard Data Structures; Standard Algorithms and Computing in Context.

Program design and class design

This again includes the ability to read and understand the problem specifications, reason, and objectives. The course also includes application of data abstraction and encapsulation,section of suitable data representation and algorithms and the application of functional decomposition.

Program implementation

Program Implementation also includes object-oriented design of programs that can be implemented and recycled for use in other programs also. The student would study the necessary implementation techniques, object-oriented development and programing constructs such as the primitive types versus the objects, declaration, console output and control. Java library classes, including the AP Java subset will also be discussed.

Program analysis

By analyzing the programs the student would be examined and testing them to find out their suitability for solving the problem and whether all the specifications have been met in an acceptable manner. To do this, the student would be analyzing the algorithms to comprehend their requirements in space and time in various data sets. The modules would include areas in Testing; Debugging; Understanding and modifying existing code; Extend existing code using inheritance; Understand error handling; Reason about programs; Analysis of algorithms; and Numerical representations and limits

Standard data structures

This subject includes the data structures that are used for representing information in a program and the importance of abstraction in the development and implementation of data structures. The modules would include simple data types such as integer (int) data type, Boolean data type and double data type; Classes; Lists and Arrays.

Standard algorithms

Are actually good solutions for ordinary and standard problems. These algorithms are also interwoven with standard data structures and afford models for the analysis of program efficiency. The modules in this subject would include: Operations on data structures previously listed; Searching: both the Sequential and Binary types; and Sorting.

Computing in context

This subject examines the different ethical and social implications regarding computing systems and their usage;the modules in this subject would include areas in: System reliability; Privacy; Legal issues and intellectual property; Social and ethical ramifications of computer use.

This subject explores the method of designing a piece of software or a computer program

The ability to read and understand the problem specifications, reason, and objectives. Developing programs that can be implemented and recycled for use in other programs . By analyzing the programs the student would be examined and testing them to find out their suitability for solving the problem and whether all the specifications have been met in an acceptable manner. These three factors plays a major role.

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