Economics Samples


Globalisation Concepts

Globalisation Concepts: The paper outlines the key elements, concepts, and definitions of Globalisation and its significance in the economic, political, and social dimensions. Read More

Structural Stagnation Dilemma

The following article briefly discusses the concept of "Structural Stagnation" and the dilemma due to prolonged recession in economic growth. Read More

Macro-Economic Analysis of Vodafone's Market Environment

The paper is a macro-economic analysis of Vodafone's market environment, a leading mobile network company. Read More

Rental Prices, Cost of Living and Migration in London

The report gives an insight into property prices and the cost of living from an economic standpoint that can help people relocating to London. Read More

Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts

Canada is a rich investment destination due to its abundant natural resources and access to the US markets but economists believe that this overreliance on the US markets can be detrimental to the country's overall economic growth in the future. Read More

Brexit Negotiations Impact on the UK

An analysis of the implications of Brexit negotiations on the UK. Read More

Contrast Keynesian and Neo-classical macroeconomics

A comparative study between Keynesian and Neo-classical macroeconomics. Read More


The report studies oil price fluctuations and the factors that trigger the fluctuations. Read More

The Extent to Which Rowntree’s Activities Have a Positive Influence On Economic Inequality

This paper evaluates how Rowntree’s activities have exhibited a positive influence on economic inequality in the UK. Read More


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