Environmental studies and Fore Samples

Environmental studies and Fore

E-Waste; The Problems Associated with Electronic Waste

The report aims to discuss the problems associated with e-waste or electronic waste. The analysis focuses on the health, environmental, and financial problems of e-waste and suggests recommendations to handle the problem. Read More

Problems Associated with Electronic Waste (e-waste)

The paper discusses the global impact of e-waste (electronic waste) on health and the environment and the need for precautionary principles for curbing this problem. Read More

The problem associated with electronic waste

The paper identifies the significant growth of the EEE (electrical, electronics, and equipment) industry and the negative impact of e-waste on the environment and health. Read More

Commercial Fishing 1

The essay discusses the negative impact of commercial fishing on the marine ecosystem. Read More


The paper discusses the public health crisis due to lead seepage in the Flint River that endangered the lives of the people of Flint, Michigan. Read More

The Causes and Effects of the Flint Water Crisis

The essay identifies and discusses the environmental, economic, and health effects of the Flint Water Crisis on the residents of Flint city. Read More

Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics

The paper discusses the political, economic, legal, and psychological implications of Japan's earthquake. Read More

Water Pollution in America

The paper studies the environmental degradation caused by water pollution and contamination of water bodies in America. Read More


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