The study of History comprises of the study of events, ideas, institutions, and individuals of the earlier times. The historical facts that people have been able to remember and collect from the earliest periods of recorded time and compiled in writing work form the basis for research and analysis unlike archaeology that depends on the physical remains of the earlier times. Although, there are physical objects like photographs, costumes and tools that are examples of the earlier life styles are sometimes included in the study of history. The main object of studying history is to relate the knowledge of the past to the problems and issues of the contemporary world.

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Master's program in history

The master’s program in History aims to aid in the understanding and appreciation of the coming together of different methodological and theoretical slants in history like the connections between political and social history, or between diplomatic, cultural, and intellectual history. However, History, being a vast subject, the students are allowed to specialize in particular time periods of their interest such as medieval history, history of the middle ages, the era of the Great Depression and so on. There could also be specializations in certain types of history, for example: the history of ideas, the history of immigration, the history of women, and the history of science. Social, political and economic histories are also other specializations. It should be noted, however, that these specializations involve tracing of the patterns of endurance and change in these subjects all through the past times for relating these together.

Subjects of specializations

Subjects of specializations would include a broad range such as: American History, World History, American Environmental History, Natives and Newcomers, Colonial North America, The American Revolution, The Early Republic, Civil War and Reconstruction, The Mongols In History, Rise of Modern Tibet, Medieval Japan, Women's Lives in Chinese History, Modern China, Western Zhou Archaeology, History of Mesopotamia and Anatolia, Ancient History of Egypt, Science and Astrological Theories, Islamic Renewal and Revolutionary Movements In the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Persian Political, Social and Cultural History In Ancient Times.

Orientational courses

Other than selecting one of these specialization courses, all students are expected to offer the orientation courses that could include: Communication & Investigation in the form of a Comprehensive Resume; Organization Theory in Portfolio format; Experiential Learning through an Autobiography; Academic Evaluation using Questionnaire; Fundament of Knowledge in the form of an Integration Chart; Fundamental Principles that include the Philosophy of Education; Professional Evaluation by a Self-Evaluation Matrix; and Development of Graduate Study for the Guarantee of an Academic Degree.

Master Thesis Project

The students of History would have to undertake and conduct a research project in History and a Master’s Thesis Project. The thesis would be preceded by a Thesis Proposal that has to be submitted for approval of the committee. The Thesis it would be about 7,500 words long. The students of Master’s program in History are also expected to publish their research papers either through professional journals and periodicals or through the internet public domains.

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It is necessary to understand History as it enables us to better comprehend the world and our connections. Students choose the study of history to trace the formation of nations, understand the behaviour of people, societies, culture and background. The study of history is so important because of its influence on the generations and the great learning that comes out of it.

Several universities in Canada offer students the opportunity to study history and associated subjects as a field of study. At the university level students can avail the opportunity to study deeper about the subject even though history is a necessary subject at high school. Universities offer students the opportunity to study History at the undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate level.

While History may be interesting, the depth and vastness of the subject can overwhelm students. Universities place huge demands on timely submissions of various types of assignments, term papers, academic essays, dissertations and thesis. The nature of the written work can vastly differ depending upon the requirements of the university. For instance, on a particular topic the student may need to submit a detailed reflective essay. In another, the stipulation may be an argumentative one. Often students are at their wits end managing the course curriculum, the daily classes, assessments and these timely written submissions in regulated formats. Most often, the essays fall short of what the tutors are actually looking for, and the grades eventually suffer.

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