Theology and religious studies

Theology and Religious Studies are suitable for teachers of Religious Education, Christian or other religious ministers intending to improve on their undergraduate studies. The course on Theology and Religious Studies explores the relationship between philosophy and theology; philosophical thoughts and religious traditions; and enhances the research skills of the student. The subjects will be based on Biblical texts, Christian theology and Religious studies. These subjects will be dealt with at a higher level. The student has the options of selecting the modules that are to his or her interests. There is also a core compulsory module in research methodology and research resources for aiding in further individual research projects.

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The modules that are available for study are:

Old Testament Interpretation in History, Theory, and Practice that deals with the different views and explanations of the Old Testament in works written at different periods in the past. Religion, Identity and Conflict in the Middle East regard the rise and spread of Islam. Texts from the Hebrew Bible referring to the interpretations which are special in the Hebrew Bible.

The Core papers in the study of Theology and Religious Studies may include topics such as:
  • Dante, Religion and Culture: with special emphasis on the writings of Dante and his interpretations of the Christian religion and culture.
  • The Theology of Paul: deals with the texts of Paul from the Bible.
  • The World of Islam and the West: centers on the conflicts and issues evolving out of the Islamic religion in the Western countries.
  • Continental Philosophy of Religion: explores the philosophy of religion in the different regions in the European continent.
  • The Jewish World in the Hellenistic-Roman Era: examines the lives and times of the Jewish people during the golden era of the Roman Empire.
  • 20th-Century Theology: This course would examine the works of the twentieth century theologists such as Barth, Rahner and Balthasar.
Phenomenology and the turn to religion

Explores the writings and philosophies of thinkers such as the debate over Janicaud's critique of the theological turn characterized by the writings of Emmanuel Levinas, Paul Ricour, Jean-Luc Marion, Jean-FranoisCourtine, Jean-Louis Chrétien, and Michel Henry.

Central issues in new testament theology

Students of this course will examine the central issues in the discipline of New Testament theology; evaluate the theological and historical issues affecting the course of New Testament theology; and investigate the recent debates over the validity of the originality of New Testament theology.

Hermeneutical theory

Hermeneutical Theory: an Interdisciplinary Approach: This involves a critical understanding and refined analysis of present-day debates in Biblical Theology and Interpretation.

Theology and postmodernism

This course explores the significance and use of the biblical witness in evaluating postmodernism; the historical and cultural development of post modernity and various Christian responses to it, including the emergent church; and the theological and ecclesiastical thinking in a postmodern perspective.

Religion, identity and violence

Religion, Identity and Violence in Northern Ireland revolves around the conflict in Northern Ireland that some believe is primarily a religious conflict, although there are other aspects like economic and social considerations also.

Aesthetics, philosophy and religion

This course combines the study of aesthetic studies on the nature of art and aesthetical values with the philosophy of religion studies with the central philosophical issues and concepts that are related to religion such as in explaining how faith and reason interact.

Theology, philosophy and language from Plato to Hegel

Examines the evolution of religious thought, philosophy and language from the time of Plato up to the writings of Georg Hegel.

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