Marketing Samples


Nestle Crunch Marketing Audit Report

This is a comprehensive marketing audit report of Nestle Crunch, USA, one of the top brands operating in the confectionery industry. Learn more about its marketing strategies, SWOT analysis, and its position in the competitive market. Read More

Sales Planning and Operations

This essay shows that for a company to successfully market its products, it has to understand how consumer buying processes differ from business buying processes. Read More

The Plumpy Nut Controversy

Nutriset Company is caught in an ethical dilemma about their product that helps solve acute malnutrition in Africa. The company is challenged to lower prices and cut back on profits. Read More

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

Social factors like age, gender, tastes, status, earnings, lifestyle, education, culture, etc., may affect consumer behavior and helps us to understand consumer buying tendencies. Read More

Strategic Marketing Management

The paper explores the various strategic policies and marketing plans adopted by different businesses to streamline product development and ensure high profits. Read More

Analysis of the operations of the bond market

The corporate bonds market in the United States is valued at $7.5 trillion, which makes it the largest assets market in the country. This paper seeks to evaluate the operations of the bonds market. Read More

Secondary Data and Marketing Research

The research paper investigates consumers' attitudes to clean eating habits and the factors that influence the sustainability of their eating habits. Read More

Tesla Motors in Norway: PESTLE Analysis

The paper examines the role of environmental factors in the performance of Tesla Motors in the global market based on PESTLE model analysis. Read More

Semi Variance

Semi-variance is a way to measure the downward risks of investment portfolios. Read More

Digital marketing: Propelling business performance in the 21st century

The premise of the essay is to explore the different ways digital marketing has transformed business performance. Read More

Digital Marketing

The premise of this essay is to establish whether digital marketing is a force for good or evil. Read More

Industry Briefing Paper

The paper discusses ethical issues in marketing communications. Read More

Marketing Plan: Lintbells

The essay seeks how Lintbells has employed exporting as it's international market entry strategy. Read More

Marketing Report for the Hotel Industry

The paper entails how effective marketing principles and strategies help the hotel industry to operate as a chain, win a larger marketing share, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Read More

Marketing Group Work

The paper is a market audit of AAK Limited, one of the global market leaders in vegetable oil and fat markets in reference to Porter's five forces and SWOT analysis. Read More

Marketing of healthy and unhealthy food products in the media

The paper illustrates the similarities and dissimilarities of marketing strategies in healthy and unhealthy foods. Read More

Digital Music Marketing

The analysis seeks to explore the concept of digital technology and customer engagement in the music industry. Read More


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