Psychology Samples


Understanding Stress and Substance Abuse Disorders

The questionnaire lays down the causes and factors that result in stress disorder and substance abuse disorder and highlights their prevention and treatment methods. Read More

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics: In this essay, the author studies the psychological perspectives that may contribute to individual decision-making and assist in policymaking and economic analysis. Read More

Concept of Health Related Behavior Change

Health behaviour change (HBC) pertains to the methods adopted by medical professionals, individuals, and the community to change the health behaviour of the population so that there is a significant improvement in their physical and emotional well-being. Read More

Reasoning Skills

Reasoning skills fall into four categories and concepts such as storage skills, matching skills, retrieval skills, and execution skills. This paper will examine each of these concepts and their implications. Read More

Mental Illness and Violence

The focus of this paper therefore is to explore various the findings of various studies on the subject under study to establish whether there is a relationship between mental illness and violence. Read More

Mind-body problem

Various theories have emerged over the years in an attempt to shed light on the relationship between mind and brain. A frequent explanation in a majority of the theories concerns if the body and mind are the same things or separate entities. Read More


The paper illustrates how proper remuneration plays an important role in employee motivation and at the same time, the reward should align with the employee's expertise and contribution to the company. Read More

Compare and contrast the three frameworks used by Taylor and Turner (2016) to explore relationships and creativity

A compare and contrast paper on the 3 frameworks used by Taylor and Turner to evaluate relationships and creativity. Read More

Document Analysis

The paper discusses the significance and function of document analysis and how it helps research methods in psychology. Read More

Psychological Disorders

The paper tries to evaluate depression as a psychological disorder based on Behaviorist and Psychodynamic theories. Read More

Developmental Psychology

The paper illustrates an interview discussion on developmental psychology in children and government policies for finding care for issues related to children's care. Read More

Discuss the Impact of Child Gender on Parenting

Explore the impact of child gender on parenting styles, including authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful approaches. This analysis delves into how gender differences influence parenting behavior, emotional reactions, and the temperamental challenges faced by parents, highlighting the need for further research on this topic. Read More


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