Leadership Activity

Leadership Activity



There are different groups, organisations, and services that I work with through collaboration with the homework club where I hold the position of a teacher assistant. The organisations include local, regional, state, national, or international.  These organisations include Non-governmental such as the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), other schools, colleges, parents, professional bodies, the Department of Education, and the local community (The Teaching Council, 2013). Others include local authorities and academy trusts.

Ofsted is a non-departmental organisation that ensures that the set standards in children's education, skills, and services in the UK are upheld by teachers and teacher assistants.  Thus, the school has partnered with Ofsted to ensure the welfare of the students is protected. For example, Ofsted (2005) has established collaboration with the school to improve the presence of interracial minority groups. Subsequently, the school has been able to promote inclusion and equal treatment of all students notwithstanding their racial or ethnic backgrounds. The collaboration has played an integral role in the organisation. For example, through a successful partnership, we have managed to achieve better results and effective practice. Through collaboration, teachers and teacher assistants have become well-informed and confident in terms of enhancing their working with pupils, helping them complete class work, and making useful contributions to lesson planning and pupil assessment (Department for Education and Skills, 2000). Thus, we have managed to achieve commitment between the school and the Ofsted, and this has helped the school to promote high educational standards and support social inclusion.




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