Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules

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This paper discusses a situation where I broke the rules. I talk about what rule I broke and what happened then. The paper also discusses the people’s reactions after I broke the rules.


The situation in which I break rules

 The situation involves three of my friends who are in the classroom and having a discussion about a recent group assignment whose deadline is tomorrow. I am supposed to be with them for the same discussion and present my part of the assignment considering that our parts of assignments are supposed to be compiled to make up the whole assignment. I enter the classroom very late into the discussion.


Doing something that is not normal and analyzing the situation and people involved

 As I approach them, I refuse to greet them and without offering apologies as to why I am late for the discussion, I order my first friend to offer me his seat despite there being other seats in the class. The second friend offers his hand in order to greet me, but I refuse to respond by shaking his hands. I thereafter fold my hands across my chest. They are surprised at my reactions. The third friend looks at me and asks me why I am behaving the way I am. I rudely raise my voice back at him and ask him not to be concerned with my affairs.


The circumstances of the situation require me to apologize for my lateness and give reasons for the same. It is also expected that I offer informal greetings to my three friends, as we are normally accustomed to, especially as I join them for an important task.  In addition, ordering my friend to offer me his seat without any suggestion of politeness is unacceptable and not a social norm. Failing to appreciate the third friend’s concern for my state is also unacceptable and answering back rudely is uncalled for.


People’s reaction when I break the rule



As I enter the class and refuse to offer a greeting or an apology for lateness, the students are surprised and express anger all over their faces. When I refuse to offer my hand back to my second friend, he reprimands me and criticizes my action as an unacceptable way of interacting with friends. On the other hand, ordering the first friend to give his seat to me is responded by resistance on his past and he asks me why I can’t take another seat or ask politely to be offered one. The third friend raises his voice and asks me to leave the group if I am not interested in the work we have been tasked to do by the teacher. Finally, the teacher on his part decides to react harshly to my behavior by asking me to go out of the class and he follows me behind to make sure that I offer an explanation for my behavior.

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