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This purpose of this essay is to reflect on my role in the group presentations by identifying and critically evaluating the strategies that I used in order to make the presentation a success, in addition to an indication of how I intend to address examined for future professional development. To realize these goals, I have had to rely on Gibbs Reflective Cycle which is based on 6 steps: Description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan (Gibbs 1988).


The presentation under review entailed determining the impact of low prices on the UK economy. My role was to research on the topic and present findings. From the study, I read that low prices could have significant role on an economy of a country. After the research, we had to write a report upon which the presentation was based.


While preparing for the presentation and the actual presentation, I encountered a number of feelings towards my role. For instance, during the research process, I was eager to find out the kind of information that I would stumble upon as I searched for relevant sources such as articles and books related to the subject of study. In addition, after I was selected by my group to make the presentation, I was nervous and anxious at first because this was my first time make such a presentation. Nevertheless, I practiced severally with my group members, thus increasing my confidence. The experience was instrumental in improving my communication and presentation skills.


While undertaking this research may not have been very challenging, it was, nonetheless, a learning experience. For example, I learnt that a significant decline in prices such low oil prices has a positive impact on the economy. This is because the cost of production decreases when the prices of oil is low, hence boosting both employment and investment in the overall UK economy (Alquist & Kilian 2010, p. 540). In the beginning, I could not fully understand the impact that prices had on the economy but after the research, I had the chance to relate theory to practice. Another key learning experience from all this was that I was able to appreciate the importance of teamwork and effective communication in presentation (Evergreen 2014).


Communication helps to convey information between people or a group of people. After applying research and analytical skills, I came up with information related to the impact of prices and presented it to the audience. Communication within the group was essential, as was communicating the findings through presentation.

Action Plan

The use of Gibbs's reflective cycle enables us to make sense of different situations and to put things into perspective. In my case, this experience with the group presentation has given me the confidence and practical skills to make future presentations in class and beyond with minimal challenges.



This presentation has been a valuable learning experience. I have acquired valuable data gathering, communication and presentation skills that will prove useful in undertake related activities in future. Overall, I have learnt that communication is an important skill that needs to be practiced and considered as a valuable aspect of research and learning.




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