Market Segmentation - Health Care

Market Segmentation - Health Care






The Catamaran Corporation is a pharmacy-based institution situated in Illinois that deals in a wide range of medical services that the population in the vast America needs. The institution offers services like the prenatal care services, counselling services, postnatal care services, health education, diagnosis, crisis management, and health care training and education (Kuang-Wei & Kuo-Fang, 2002).  Among the services provided by the Catamaran Corporation, the counselling services receive the greatest appraisal from the public with most of the people appraising the corporation for making their lives comfortable. Creating market segmentation for the counselling services that are provided by this corporation is essential.  However, the question of the basis of segmentation overrides the necessity for the segmentation. This paper exhaustively tackles the market segmentation for the counselling services based on the behavioural and the psychographic variables.


Behavioural Segmentation

In consideration to behavioural factors, the market for the counselling services differs depending on the nature of market and the segment of the market. The counselling services come on the regular basis. This clearly implies that the market for the counselling services search and present themselves for the services more frequently than the other services in the corporation. However, a few of people call for special services, which they get promptly (Press & Simms, 2010). The services benefit the people in many ways. Common benefits that the market realizes from the counselling services come in the quality of services and convenience that the corporation constantly create for the users of their services. Unlike other organizations in United States that offer the counselling services, Catamaran Corporation give quality in the sense that the personnel in the department override their demand thus they cannot strain.

In terms of quality, the speed of attendance amazes most of people accessing the services from the corporation. Kim & Hoon-Young (2011) infers that the market for the counselling services exhibits three main features as far as the user status of the patients stretch. The corporation targets potential users of their products, the ex-users of the counselling services, and the first time users. Mostly, the three categories cut across the market thus reaching more people. The user rate for the market on the counselling services ranges between the medium users and the light users due to effect the facility had on the people in the near past. The clients, after tasting the quality of the services, remain strongly loyal to the business thus claiming their loyalty. The American market is fully informed of the services that the Catamaran Corporation offers in terms of the readiness of people with a good level of the people who are cautious on services and their quality. In terms of the product, the people exhibit an enthusiastic attitude when they have used the counselling services already. However, among the potential clients, a positive attitude towards the counselling services by the Catamaran Corporation reigns.


Psychographic segmentation

According to Hunt & Arnett (2004), the psychographic segmentation of the market presents the best view about the qualities that the corporation possesses competitively. First, all the social cases access the counselling services as long as they have the ability to afford the services. People from all social classes get equal attention whenever they present a request for services from the corporation. However, majority of the people who access the services of the Catamaran Corporation fall in the middle class, which composes of the people who mainly run the economy of United States. The quest for quality services rumours as the reason why the middle class goes for the counselling services more than the other classes of people in America.

The corporation serves people with different personalities as long as they have the need, desire, and passion to get the counselling services. Firstly, the achievers get the counselling services so that the experience can help them in the end to get more achievement and stay at the top for longer times. The strivers and the strugglers also get the counselling services so that they may get the skills to get to the top and compete with the achievers. The range of services provided rarely applies for all people as the services accounts for the clients’ needs (Dolnicar, Freitag & Randle, 2005). The counselling services prepare the market for different roles in life and give them different personalities. In most cases, the objectives of the services target at making the people authoritative over their own situations, yet remaining ambitious as before.



The Catamaran Corporation can successfully develop to be a leading corporation in the provision of counselling services, which have proved essential in the health care facilities and the change aspects of the clients. The market for the counselling services segments into many variables that give the extent to which the corporation controls the market. Although the market segmentation can occur in many ways, behavioural and psychographic segmentation present the two best ways that the counselling market for the catamaran corporation can occur.







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