Employability, IT and Reasoning Techniques

Employability, IT and Reasoning Techniques




Good communication skills, both oral and verbal, are essential for creating and maintaining professional and personal relationships. Sound and language are the main features of verbal communication. In most cases, verbal communication is mainly done on a face-to-face basis. The success of a business manager will be influenced to a greater extent by the verbal communication used by the manager. A business manager is considered to be the hub of the smooth running and operations within an organization (Gupta, 2008, p. 105).

A business manager is entitled to carry out various supportive tasks in an organization such as coordinating special events and managing and planning budgets. Good verbal communication skills make it possible for the manager to communicate to all the relevant personnel.  The manager can transmit information to all the staff when required. Therefore, good verbal communication skills enable business managers to communicate information precisely and clearly.

Good verbal communication skills act as a motivation to the business manager. The personnel within the organization will have confidence in the manager. This implies that the manager’s subordinates will listen to their manager and carry out their duties and responsibilities as required. As a result, the manager’s productivity increases (Tara Dixon, 2002, pp. 13-17).

Good verbal communication skills play a crucial role in improving the manager’s image amongst the manager’s subordinates and the organization's management. Verbal communication is not recorded. This implies that the words used by a person often leave a lasting impression on the audience. A manager with good communication skills will always have forethought before speaking. The manager will create a good impression of himself amongst the entire organization. This helps to improve the manager’s public image (Sudha, 2010, p. 32).



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