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Mr Joel McGuire
Human Resources Manager
Slater and Stephenson Solicitors LLP

58 Mosley Street

Manchester, UK


Dear Mr McGuire

Re: Application for the position of a para-legal

Following the advertisement for the above-named position in your reputable firm that was posted on your website and in the local newspapers, I hereby wish to apply for the said job. I am optimistic that my educational achievements and skills closely match those that you seek from your job requirements. I am also optimistic that you will find my skills useful in enabling your firm realise its set objectives.

I recently graduated with a degree in law. I have an interest in criminal law and the work done by your firm, especially the Criminal Law Department. Your firm has over the years gained an excellent reputation for the exceptional work that you do for your clients and I would love to be part of this winning team that also acts as the pacesetter in the industry.

While my interest is in an entry-level position, I would like to assure you that I am already well acquired with what the work of a para-legal entails in terms of knowledge expected and skill set. During my last two years at the university, I took a special interest in criminal law and hence sought to assess levels of criminal purposes and intent, along with the criminal charges which would prove useful in handling intricate criminal cases. This growing interest in criminal law hence informed my decision to seek an internship at a law firm that specialises in criminal law.

On two occasions I have worked as a para-legal assistant leading law firms during my internship and this gave me the exposure that I needed to experience first-hand, the roles and expectations of this position. I also had an experience of what the criminal law department entails. I was mainly involved in providing legal assistance and support to the various attorneys that I was assigned to by my supervisor. This exposure enabled me to gain diverse experience in legal research, analysis, and organisation of information. Moreover, I gained valuable experience in terms of preparing case materials and written reports. Other responsibilities that I have in-depth experience including drafting such legal documents as appeals, agreements, and briefs, as well as assisting in the preparation of motions and legal arguments. The exposure also taught me a valuable lesson in legal work namely, the need to always observe a high level of accuracy in your work. I believe my skills as a keen researcher and conscientious fact-finder who relies on sound judgement and my own initiative to accomplish the work will prove valuable to your firm. This is a clear indication that I am highly resourceful and would be productive to your firm with little or no additional training.

Since graduating from the university 6 months ago, I have been doing civil litigation work as a paralegal assistant at a local law firm. In addition, I have also used this opportunity to successfully complete a course in practical criminal procedure and practice, leading to my receiving a certificate in Advanced Paralegal Studies.  Besides, I subscribe to the CPD requirements and the Paralegal Code of Conduct as an active member of the Institute of Paralegals.

Currently, I am attached to a Magistrate's court in Manchester as a probation officer, and this position has given me the rare chance to gain invaluable inside knowledge and understanding of how the criminal justice system operates in this country. In particular, I have gained sufficient experience in dealing with the police and offenders. I am also well acquainted with most of the documentation involved in the criminal justice system, not to mention that I have learned to interview hostile and reluctant individuals. These invaluable skills, along with the numerous contacts that I have acquired during this time, along with the skills and abilities gained, ought to be of immense benefit to your firm.

Attached are copies of my resume and academic credentials for your perusal. I would highly welcome the opportunity to speak or meet with you and deliberate on this application further.  Should you deem it appropriate to arrange for an interview, kindly reach me on the phone or email address provided at your earliest convenience. I am ready and willing to avail myself of such an in-depth discussion on the position in question.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Student)





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